︎Green Harbor

Just as beloved pets are embraced, Green Harbor treats plants as essential family members. Unlike typical plant nurseries, It offers unique services like temporary care during your absence and adoption programs.
Whether you're on a trip and need a nurturing space for your plants or looking to rehome your cherished green friends, Green Harbor is your sanctuary. At Green Harbor, you can donate your plants to us or explore the adoption programs to enrich your home.

The zigzag line represents water waves and grass, illustrating the concept of the green harbor. It is also an ancient Egyptian symbol of water, which brings fertility and life. It is used as a visual system for the brand. When the image of the plant is placed on the top of the zigzag line, it looks as if the plant is growing on the grass, or floating on the water of the harbor which is supporting and protecting the plant.

The zigzag line system is also applied in 3D space. The printed plant care guide cards can be folded into a zigzag shape: