Lingjiu Tong Graphic Designer

BFA. Pratt Institute
MFA. School of Visual Arts

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Lingjiu Tong Graphic Designer

BFA. Pratt Institute
MFA. School of Visual Arts



A packaging/branding project:
A seasoning brand that develops its products inspired by famous literature/fairy tales.
Packaging design


Green Harbor

Green Harbor is a plant nursery that offers unique services such as temporary care and plants adoption programs.


DECO Art Festival

Branding for DECO, an art festival that embraces modernity in the spirit of the art deco movement.


But a Green Roof Does!

A visual campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of green roofs for a sustainable future.
 Motion Graphic


EmptyCube Museum

BFA Thesis Project: A website dedicated to bridging the gap between objects and their original cultural contexts.
 BFA Thesis P2


Moast Music Festival

A non-traditional R&B festival designed
for a special group of audiences.


Election APP

An Experimental election APP with an
upbeat and youthful vibe.


How to Charge Humans

Energy bar packaging designed with the 
battery as a metaphor. Just like a battery, everything has positive and negative sides.
 Packaging design


Beetle Tree

A font inspired by the impression of the connection between the beetle and the natural environment it lives in.
 Font Design


Unlearning Museums

BFA Thesis Research: Problematizing museums. visualizing the hidden stories and providing
a new way of looking at museums.
 BFA Thesis P1



A pixelated/sci-fi/weird/monospaced font. 
 Font Design


An animated poster designed for the senior
commuity to encourage exploration.
 Motion Graphic



A Display font inspired by bacteria and
squeezing toothpaste.
 Font Design /

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