Collaborated with Winnie C. and Yining Z.

TASTALE (Taste+Tale) is a seasoning brand that develops its products inspired by famous stories. The brand uses great quality ingredients to create organic and healthy sauces that bring accessible deliciousness to people. The brand strategy we came up with is to highlight the features and values of our products by rewriting or retelling famous literature or fairy tales. In a team of three, I was involved in the whole design process. I designed the brand logo and directed the typography and layout for the packaging. 

How can the literature/fairy tales be reflected on the packaging and at the same time elevate the value of the products? Our products have solved the problems in these stories and are solving the problems of our customers in the real world. For each flavor, in addition to the illustration on the front of the packaging, there is a
"Thank you letter"
written by the character in the selected story on the side.


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